Free Fall Patios a New Trend?

Scared of heights?  Stay inside!  
Calgary developer Cove Properties demonstrates taking skysuites to a new height with it’s Alura condo development currently under construction at 1st st SE & 14 ave SE.  Not only does the curtain wall glass provide tons of natural light during the day and breathtaking views at night, one can observe at this point of building no patio guard rails to spoil the view either (see photos).

An option that could only be entertained by those wanting to stand on their patio completely uninhibited, up to 29 floors above street level. 

Anyone who’s ever stood outside in a similar situation can imagine the feeling of full freedom this could offer. 

With numerous developments existing in the surrounding area, this demonstrates what could be brilliant marketing and provide a unique opportunity for those considering living in the hip new beltline community.  A number of residents desiring this option has not been released.

While it’s hard to fathom ‘free fall patios’ are part of an emerging trend, the following photo was taken only blocks away of what appears to be a low rise condo renovation at the same building stage. 

Partial free fall patios can be seen at Kingston Tower at 342 15 ave SW, although the complex is only 8 floors.

Once started, how far could this trend go?

Look forward to seeing full freedom developments in southern climates with no outer walls.

Hope you enjoyed thinking outside the box.