What HR needs to know about recruiting Lean Talent

Some summary points from an article posted at www.PeopleOrchard.ca:

When recruiting lean talent:

You are looking for someone with preferably NO INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE
o       They bring value by not understanding it through the ‘stupid’ questions they ask, which those familiar with the process would never ask, helping them to understand it. 
o       This gets those with industry experience to see things differently – helping THEM break down and rebuild the process.

There currently is no standard to determine lean training/certification. 
o       There is no green belt or black belt – it is not related to six sigma – but many consultants use this framework, adding to the confusion
o       There is no greater ‘certification’ than true experience and results as a measure of qualification.

Skills you are looking for:
-          Coaching, patience, questioning, problem solving, interpersonal skills, communication & facilitation skills, leadership,
-          Someone who is interested in working with people to learn how lean will apply to your unique situation, because you are different; NOT someone who tells you how it applies
-          Someone who has NO experience in your industry

Yes, a lot of it is counter intuitive at first.  Keep learning click here