A Whole New Mind with Daniel Pink


Intrinsic motivation must develop
Intrinsic motivation
- do what you do because you like it; interesting, challenging, meaningful; people who are intrinsically motivated do fine
- people to worry about are those who chase external rewards & external validations; over time they start to wonder what their live is about and they start to have huge regrets
A good speech has

1) brevity
2) levity (not to severe & serious)
3) repetition


0:24 Artistry, empathy, inventiveness, pic picture thinking, are the abilities that matter most.
2:58 Abundance, Asia, Automation
World of abundance
- either provide something that people don’t realize they need
- design (a combination of desire/significance & utility)
o increasingly in a world of abundance you get your margins out of significance rather than utility 9:41


0:50 We’ve grown 3x richer but not 1 bit happier;
Abundance gap –
People questioning when they are going to start doing something to leave a legacy [meaning, purpose, significance] is happening at a rate unprecedented in human civilization.
8:00 Routine – any kind of routine work (any work you can reduce to a script, to a spec sheet, to a formula, to a set of rules, to a series of steps that produces a right answer) is going to disappear from this country



What matters more than high tech abilities is high concept & high touch b/c hard to outsource & hard to automate & deliver significance.

Not routines & right answers – economy is now about novelty & nuance

In business today you must be literate in design. MFA is the new MBA.

Facts have become ubiquitous (free). What matters more is putting facts in context and delivering them with emotional impact. That’s what story does. The use of story as a differentiator in a crowded market place.


The back stories products, services, experiences are now very important differentiators.

We tend in business to obsess over focus, focus, focus; when often the opposite ability is the most important.
Symphony – the ability to see the big picture, detect patterns, to combine disparate things into something the world didn’t know it was missing.
Self made millionaires are 4 x as likely to be dyslexic.
Develop this skill - Learn to draw [Learn about proportions, relationships, light & shadow, negative space (the space between )]

Notice the arrow between the Ex

Empathy (standing in someone else’s shoes, feeling with their heart, seeing with their eyes ) cannot be automated, cannot be outsourced.
JSPE – Jefferson Scale of Position Empathy – the more empathic your doctor is the more likely you are to get better.


Laughter clubs

Linking profit and purpose.

The sorts of things we do out of a sense of intrinsic motivation, out of the joy & challenge of the task itself, are the things that are now conferring the greatest advantage in the economy.