Extreme Toyota p 150 - 157

Extreme Toyota: Radical Contradictions That Drive Success at the World's Best Manufacturer
Extreme Toyota: Radical Contradictions That Drive Success at the World's Best Manufacturer

A good team is not a cozy team
Those providing feedback should complain, and the others should listen sincerely, and then we have a friendly fight – both sides have the same goal

The 1st item on my list of priorities is to make this an organization where nobody hides concerns or problems and where constructive discussion takes place routinely. Without such discussion people will tend to let problems slide with slapdash solutions that barely scratch the surface.

Authority, responsibility, and accountability reast with the person, not a title or years of seniority

Title and rank are irrelevant in discussions of quality. Confronting your boss is acceptable. Bringing bad news to the boss is encouraged. Ignoring the boss is excused in the process of coming to the right decision.

There’s nothing that’s decided in a top down manner. No matter what, if it’s too bizarre, employees either modify the msg or will not accept it (silent rejection).

There will always be differences of opinion in important matters between HQ and the local operations. In those instances, we shouldn’t blindly follow HQ, but do what we believe is right even I f it might cause friction.

Pricing is often a point of conflict between the local operation and HQ, but viewed positively, the back & forth on pricing is a healthy process of information exchange that leads to deeper understanding of the situation.

There are no reprisals if local operations ignore HQ’s advice or if subordinates disobey orders from their supervisors, refusal to listen to others is a serious offense. Listen thoroughly to everybody’s opinion is our calling.

However visionary the people at the top may be, it’s the people at the bottom who have the actual information about what can and cannot be done; where all essential information is processed and frontline employees make the judgments that take into account local conditions and the opinions from the top

…continually questioning and probing to find the better way

People rarely reach senior positions if they are the preacher type (someone who doesn’t listen to others).

Established association to foster consistency in advertising on national television, regional papers & local radio stations sponsored by local dealerships. – contrast to past practices of advertising in stages, 1st by the manufacturer, then distributors & finally dealers.