The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Found this sheet of notes from years ago;

Self Knowledge – Mastery

1) Master Your Mind
– cultivate your mind
– quality of life  quality of thoughts
– no mistakes, only lessons

Secret of Happiness
- find what you truly love to do and direct all your energy towards doing it

Heart of Rose
- concentrate on the object of focus
- continuously return your attention to the object of focus if thoughts stray (20min.)

Opposition Thinking
- be aware when thinking negatively and replace them with positive – think cheerful and energetic

The Secret of the Lake
- relax, visualize all you want to be and attain in your life
- mentally rehearse actions in a tense situation

2) Follow Your Purpose
- purpose of life is a life of purpose
- set goals and act on them


Step 1
– form a clear mental image of the outcome

Step 2
– pressure yourself positively by:
- telling everybody
- and by punishing myself if I don’t follow through with my commitment (Icy Waterfall)

Step 3
– Never set a goal without a timeline (Date & Time)
– Write it down

Step 4
Perform the activity for 21 days in a row: Habit

Step 5
Enjoy the process; laugh & love everyday