Money & Barter

Here's an interesting article I read in the Toronto Sun September 18, 2005 Section D which got me thinking about the monetary system.

I'd put it up but I need to figure out how to upload the PDF

It mentions how

The money system is programmed (not deliberately) to cause certain behaviour. It promotes competition and short term thinking; forces economic growth; undervalues care, education & tasks crucial to maintaining society.

People do not compete for markets & raw material, they compete for money.
Banks put money into circulation by means of loans. As soon as someone negotiates a loan, money is created & begins circulating. The bank expects the loan recipient to pay back the principle and interest, but the bank does not create the interest; therefore some people must lose money or go bankrupt in order to put others in the position to pay off their loans.

This collection of interest results in a concentration of wealth - those with money automatically get richer.
The system forces society into an endless loop of economic growth; new money must constantly be put into circulation to pay off old loans.

It says greed and competitive drive are not inherent human qualities. They are continuously stimulated by the kind of money we use. There is more than enough food and work for everyone.

There is merely a scarcity of money.

Business have to make money today. Governments bear the responsibility for the future of society.

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