Mar/Apr 2009 Canadian Manufacturers & Exporter Magazine

Mar/Apr 2009
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporter Magazine

P 27
- expect infrastructure suppliers, health care providers, IT companies, energy firms and any company that is less dependent than average on the US consumer to fare better than most manufacturers

p 28
- , Chicago. T-shirts created, submitted & rated by the public
- Local Motors, Massachusetts, custom cars

p 29
- book Changeable and Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems, El-Maraghy, 2008
p 30
- Industrial Machine & Mfg. Inc. Saskatoon
- McCoy Corporation, Edmonton

- The other course is to conserve, to manufacture in Canada not only the preliminary processes, but also the succeeding processes and export the products in a finished state.

P 52
- Edson Packaging Machinery Ltd. Hamilton. in early Feb 2009, the company received a record # of orders from abroad

We’ve heard from the media about the economic devastation; now we need the media to report on the manufacturing companies that are prospering and moving on